Accurate psychic reading – how accurate or reliable?

How do I find an accurate psychic reading?

Are there any psychics who are real, accurate, and reliable?

How can I tell if my psychic is legitimate or my psychic reading is accurate?

Finding a legitimate and real psychic who can provide an accurate psychic reading, can be frustrating. Whether you’ve never had a psychic reading, or numerous readings with several different psychics, finding an accurate psychic is probably the most sought out quality, and yet, the most elusive to determine. Why?

There are a few factors that affect a legitimate psychic’s ability to be reliably accurate—to small and sometimes greater degree. And there are those who will never be accurate, because they are phony psychics.

I have personally received psychic readings from a minimum of 100 different psychic readers over the years. Of these, I have met three or four who were accurate psychics or provided an accurate psychic reading. For me, anyway. Not a great percentage! With one psychic reader; it took several years for bits and pieces of the psychic reading to manifest, but it did, almost exactly. And the information I received was not general, it was very specific.

Accurate psychics do exist and the ability to obtain an accurate psychic reading is possible; it just takes careful research−and some patience once you have received the reading. With the internet, it makes it much easier to find someone than the old days, but it can also be harder to weed through the baloney. Finding a good and truly accurate psychic can be a very transformative experience.

Below, let’s examine some of these legitimate factors for genuinely accurate psychics.

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Psychic readings by an accurate psychic

A real accurate psychic reading and timing

There are times when a real psychic is absolutely accurate and provides a genuinely accurate psychic reading, but the timing is way off.

Focusing on “when” usually produces a certain level of expectation, which often creates anxiety. As the “date” arrives, if the hoped for event has not occurred; the client becomes despondent or pessimistic. If the anticipated event was viewed as difficult; the client experiences fear or dread.

A couple of points need to be made with either of these scenarios.

  • Firstly, giving any psychic this much power is unadvisable, even if their psychic readings are usually very accurate. Doing so absolves you of your own ability to think critically or examine your own feelings. Ethical psychics will tell you exactly what they see, feel or hear. Sometimes, it’s less than desirable news. Sometimes, it’s wonderful news. Sometimes, it’s both. Whichever the case, what they say is never the gospel.


  • Even the most accurate psychics can be wrong or misinterpret some of the psychic information they receive. This doesn’t make them any less sincere or accurate, simply human, so experiencing your life based on what they say; perceived as good or bad, is giving your power away. Stay open-minded and be patient.


  • Secondly, whether or not the timing of an event is exact or not at all correct, it will always be the psychic information itself that should have your focus. Ethical and accurate psychics will provide this information along with suggestions on what might need improvement, areas that could be avoided, areas that could be explored, changes that could be made or present alternate ways of perceiving any given situation.


These suggestions are geared toward self-improvement, personal and spiritual growth or clarity and understanding; all of the things which are truly the purpose of getting a psychic reading in the first place. After all; the definition of psychic is “of the soul.”

Throughout the psychic reading experience, you should be asking yourself, “does this feel right−or could this be right?” If it is; at this point you can begin to do some self-examination and make personal decisions that are geared toward more happiness, fulfillment and growth.

When I’ve done psychic readings for my clients, they report that events were either identifiable or accurate in the moment, some over a period of time (in bits and pieces) and often; a strange combination of both. All of this was reflected in the ONE psychic reading, not several. I do not orchestrate this!

I have had some new clients that I read for months ago, come back to me and say, “At the time of my reading, I really thought you were full of it, because there was no way I was…or it would…but, it did.”

It would be nice if folks didn’t question my integrity, but I certainly understand why they do. Keep an open-mind. Ethical psychics will tell you what they see, feel or hear. Likely, they have no more an idea of “why” then you do and they do not control the timing of your life events or anyone else’s.

For most people, NOW-to six months is the normal average for a psychic reading to manifest; however, it could take longer.

Learning to cultivate patience is a virtue! We must realize that our lives are in constant motion; always in a state of preparation and process. This goes for everyone we are interacting with, as well as those we haven’t met yet. Events, people or situations in our lives can simply be catalysts for something else. This could contribute to why certain things happen at particular times, whilst others take more time or seemingly never happen−at least; the way we perceive it. If you have found an ethical and accurate psychic who provides an accurate psychic reading, be patient!

I definitely believe in fate and that we all live purposeful lives. How the Universe sees fit to orchestrate all of it is beyond my comprehension. All I know with certainty is that the puzzle pieces will find their mates. “When” will never be the point, because in the grand scheme, when is meaningless. “When” is a product of our ego and has no real place in the realm of where psychic ability or intuition resides. When is relative.

Reliable and accurate psychic

An accurate psychic reading: real psychics and psychic information

Most people have the mistaken assumption that legitimate psychics can truly be directed, based on human desire to know. They can’t. In other words, just because someone might want to know if Dick is cheating or if Jane really loves them, does not mean a psychic will have the true answer or can receive the answer, even if he or she is the best, most accurate psychic or has provided an otherwise accurate psychic reading now or in the past. A really true and ethical psychic will never make any claims of ability in this regard.

Real psychics know that true psychic information comes from a higher consciousness (likely a form of unconsciousness) and is not controlled by humans, only accessed by humans. More often than not, this means that really true psychic information will come of its own volition; via Tarot cards, clairvoyance, clairaudience or any other mode of energy transference. If you have had moments where psychic information came to you out of nowhere−in other words, you knew something would happen (and it did), but you didn’t ask to know it, you know what I mean.

This doesn’t mean that psychic information can’t otherwise be accessed when asked, but under this circumstance, it is often filtered differently and therefore, could be less than accurate. Why?

In this case, it is a conscious “ask” by the psychic, who waits for an answer and even though they feel the answer received is through their Spirit Guides, it is also being consciously processed by the psychic, which can leave room for error. In other words, the psychic can attribute too much of their own ego to the information (need to be right or not to appear wrong, wanting to be helpful or feeling afraid, etc.), that the information they present to you is affected. This can happen with the most sincere and well-meaning psychics and can be the cause for a psychic reading to be less than accurate.

The ego cannot co-exist in the psychic realm. Therefore; the psychic, if real and ethical, will provide a psychic reading based on what is truly received through their higher consciousness and not on what you consciously desired to know. This results in a far more accurate psychic reading. This is also the reason why we will often not get any answers at all. If the Universe wants you to know, you will know; if not, you won’t.

Sometimes, accurate and real psychics receive information that is all over the place or hard to understand. Trust me; it’s just as hard for the psychic to make sense of it! This doesn’t mean the psychic information is not accurate; it’s just hard to interpret or explain. If this happens to you during a psychic reading, do your best to stay open. Take notes of highlights that are said or get a recorded copy of your reading. Often, what doesn’t make immediate sense now, will later.

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Don’t shoot the psychic messenger

You have just received an accurate psychic reading from a genuine and reliable psychic. They told you the truth of what they saw, felt or heard, but it wasn’t what you wanted or expected to hear. Not in the least!

Your first gut reactions might be anger, hurt or frustration. You want a target to explode these feelings upon, so immediately… you blame the psychic.

While this desire is understandable, it is completely unwarranted and unfair. You wanted an accurate psychic and you wanted an accurate psychic reading, which you probably received. The psychic reader is only the messenger, not the creator of the difficulty or the cause for the “bad” news.

Rather than blame the ethical psychic or his/her level of psychic accuracy, give what they said some thought. Chances are some part of you knows what they said could be true. In order to heal and grow, take responsibility for your life and choices, do some self-examination and accept that inner changes might need to be done.

A real psychic will do their very best to help you and they have your best interests at heart. As hard as it might be, do your best to be objective and keep an open mind.

How do I find an accurate psychic and get an accurate psychic reading?

First of all, there is no such thing as any psychic who is 100% accurate. If anyone makes such a claim, you have found a fraud, not a real psychic.

Before you embark on trying to find an accurate psychic or get an accurate psychic reading, be sure of your true motivations. It’s like a double edged sword; in that most say they want an accurate psychic or an accurate psychic reading, but deep down, what they really want is someone who will tell them what they hope to hear.

If two or three legitimate and accurate psychics say a relationship is very problematic and offer concrete solutions on how to improve it−or suggest leaving it−but the individual doesn’t want to hear it, they become increasingly desperate.

As such, some folks jump from one psychic reader to the next, often feeling like they can’t find an accurate psychic reading. While this can most definitely be the case, it can also be a simple refusal to accept the truth of a situation. For obvious reasons, this usually happens when the psychic information received from truly accurate and real psychics is being perceived as negative or unwanted.

If the above doesn’t apply, how do you find an accurate psychic?

Seeing a psychic doesn’t have as many taboos as it once did, so don’t be afraid to ask and get referrals from friends or family. While this is no guarantee that what is an accurate psychic for them will be for you as well, chances are that they will be, especially if the psychic is reliable and ethical.

A professional psychic will likely have years of experience and therefore, a good reputation which can be researched.

Do your research first, before you think you’ll want or need to see a psychic. Doing so gives you time to do your critical thinking, rather than making an entirely emotional decision. Fluctuating emotions or vulnerability can often cloud the mind and decisions made this way can open the door to your choosing a less than accurate or helpful psychic and possibly, a fraudulent or phony psychic.

Get a recorded copy of your reading or keep precise notes and date them. This will provide a basis for determining psychic accuracy or how accurate your psychic was for you.

Are there any psychics who are legitimate? How can I tell if my psychic reading is accurate?

A good indication of an accurate psychic reading or if you have found a legitimate psychic: The psychic can pinpoint and be relatively exact about something that happened in your past, as well as the present, without you providing the psychic any information.

Even the best or well-known psychics, such as Edgar Cayce (the “sleeping prophet” who never called himself a psychic), wasn’t always accurate. Some of his claims seemed down-right outlandish and/or never came to pass, but as a very spiritual, sincere and extremely kind man, no one can question his motivations or his uncanny accuracy at times either.

Anyone can give a “psychic prediction” regarding the future, because the future hasn’t happened yet (barring quantum physics, our understanding of time (relativity) or the precept that everything is happening now). So, any psychic prediction could be true and accurate, especially if the psychic is legitimate, but it could also be a complete fabrication if the psychic is a phony or fraud.

Overall, psychic accuracy is relative. Some legitimate psychics are very accurate at describing people, places or things, some with emotional or mental states of mind; some are very accurate regarding matters of the heart or love psychic readings. Some are very accurate about all of these and more. Determine what your needs are first and then do your research.

Learning to maintain an open-mind and develop patience goes a long way toward your own sense of peace. If you have found a legitimate and accurate psychic who provides an accurate psychic reading−and one who acts with integrity, you are extremely fortunate! More than you can possibly realize.

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