Are psychic abilities real?

A lot of people ask, “are psychic abilities real?” So, I decided to write something about it. I didn’t want to approach the subject strictly from my own experiences or even my perceptions, rather, a more balanced approach. I am also assuming that we are talking about legitimate, real psychics and psychic abilities and not charlatans or phony psychics.

If you were to ask me the question, “are psychic abilities real?” Of course, I would say yes! I can recall personal experiences as early as the age of seven, which only intensified as I got older. I would imagine millions of others can recall their own experiences too. There is wonderful research being done at The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which includes promising studies on consciousness, psychic abilities, the paranormal and other metaphysical subjects. However, if you ask some others, they would say no. What is a major cause for the disparity?

Are psychic abilities real? Which side of your brain are you asking?

Are psychic abilities real? It comes down to the age old battle between the right brain belief and the left brain fact, with armies on both sides of the fence. It’s no different to the argument regarding the existence of God or a superior intelligence.

Our left brain loves logic, facts and all things to be linear−it wants proof. Our right brain loves creativity, feelings and trusting intuition−it believes.

When it comes to questioning whether psychic abilities are real, this is when we have the more left brained among us screaming for proof and the right brained among us who quietly know.

The thing with belief and fact is that both can be interchangeable, just as our brain works. People who have unexplainable psychic experiences don’t believe−they know as fact that psychic abilities are real. Whereas, the scientific or skeptical community will find every explanation as to why it isn’t factual and back up their claims by saying that it cannot be proved. What they fail to admit are those times when their so-called “fact,” which at the time was based on “proof”−changes; therefore, it couldn’t have been a fact in the first place, it was only believed.

You would think this would create more of an open-mind and less rigidity for future explorations, but it doesn’t. The left brain continues to be rigid, even in the face of being proved wrong, and yes, this applies to right brained folks too. Rigidity is the enemy of knowledge.

Staunchly being behind one side of a fence, doesn’t allow for seeing what is on the other side. Such is the nature of the battle that continues to ensue. As it is with the existence of God or not, science or skeptical minds claim psychic abilities can’t be proven and psychics claim it can’t be disproven either. Are psychic abilities real? Stalemate.

I think Robert Wright says it best:

“Of course, you can argue with the proposition that all we are is genes and environment. You can insist that there’s something more. But if you try to visualize the form this something would take, or articulate it clearly, you’ll find the task impossible, for any force that is not in the genes or the environment is outside of physical reality as we perceive it. It’s beyond scientific discourse—this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Robert Wright—The Moral Animal

As the chart below indicates, left brained folks need facts and logic−it needs to compute. Nothing wrong with that, we all need things to make sense. However, even the most scientific and demanding of facts among us, utilizes the right brain too. Creativity resides there (as well as intuition) and this is where ideas emanate. Without the creative impulse to imagine a possibility (all right brain activities), a scientist would have little to work with. They couldn’t begin to test or prove anything without the “idea” of how to go about it. Scientists need their right brain!

Are psychic abilities real? Skeptical about psychic abilities−unexplainable psychic experiences−psychic abilities−belief versus proof

The problem with too much left brain thinking and the need for everything to compute; leaves no room for comprehension that, “any force that is not in the genes or the environment is outside of physical reality as we perceive it. It’s beyond scientific discourse—this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Psychic ability is a force that no one completely understands, but many of us know exists.

We are constantly discovering new things, often believed non-existent or impossible (until discovery). As such, to make any absolute claims of non-existence or impossibility is ridiculous, because it likely always existed and therefore, was possible. It was simply not known or understood−yet.

We rely on our sciences to help us understand our world and us in it. Therefore, we have given the scientific community a great deal of power. What they determine is king; it is science that we quote when we want to attest to what is and what is not.

However, seen from a different perspective, science is in its infancy. In truth, it knows very little and what it “knows” is subject to change with newer discoveries. As such, with regard to psychic ability or whether psychic abilities are real, it may know nothing. Psychic abilities cannot be tested with any regularity to a “scientific standard.” This only means that science needs to revise the standard by which it tests and not denounce its existence.

Since we all use both sides of our brains, why argue? Why not adopt the philosophy of acceptance, in that none of us really knows anything and remain open to possibilities? Or, if one knows they are psychic, they are. If one feels they are not, they aren’t. Let everyone be.

Are psychic abilities real? Personally, I don’t need anyone to vouch for or question what I know to be true in my own heart, mind and physical reality−psychic abilities are real. If anyone does feel the need to disprove it, my guess is they can’t wrap their heads around not being the center of the Universe or they simply need to be an authority−and I say go for it.

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