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You haven’t found that one true love and wonder if you ever will. You applied for that much needed job, will you get it? You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck; will you ever make a lot of money? At times, we all need a little direction or mentoring in life and you have questions, so you decide to ask a psychic …

Unless you are very familiar with your psychic and even then, I am not a big fan of providing psychics any information at the onset of a psychic reading. This includes the purpose of your visit or questions you have for them−and for good reason. You could receive a scripted psychic reading or be the victim of a fake psychic.

I have no issue with asking a psychic some questions during the psychic reading and below are some good guidelines to follow for that.

How do I find a real psychic?

What is a scripted psychic reading and how do I avoid it?

A scripted psychic reading is easy for a fake psychic to provide and you help them do it by giving them information. At the onset of a psychic reading, do not provide any information. This includes why you are contacting them and what questions you have for them.

Giving a psychic any information at the start provides them a basis point to work from. It’s like giving a psychic your idea for a screenplay, of which they’ll happily write the story for you. It will be tailored to your life, and likely, it will also be entirely fictional.

For example:

You’ve found a psychic and they ask the purpose of your visit. You respond; I want to know about my love life. Now they know your concern is love.

The psychic will need more information from you to script your psychic reading, so will ask leading questions or make comments, such as, “aw hon, did you just break-up or did you want to see if someone new is coming in?” You respond, “We just broke up and I can’t stop crying or thinking about him/her. I want to know if he/she will come back.” Now they know it’s a break-up and you are unhappy about it. They also know you want the person back.

From here, the fake psychic writes your screenplay and it will be tailor made to include everything you wanted to hear: he/she is coming back and to drive home the narrative, they will tell you when.

During the psychic reading, you might have also asked if he/she was seeing someone else or some other leading questions, all of which provides the “psychic” with even more information to expound their “story.”

With some psychics charging $3.95 per minute and up, this fictional story is going to cost you—a lot. When your lover doesn’t return, you will likely go back to this same psychic, who will tweak the story and send you off again. Repeat.

If you say you wanted to know about a new love, you have more or less given them free creative reign to come up with anything.

Often, these phony psychics literally have index cards they script from; colored coded based on love/relationships, money, travel and the like!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a real psychic doesn’t ask questions, unless they need clarity on what they have already told you and they don’t need pointers or direction. In all likelihood, the important issues in your life will appear during your psychic reading, without you providing any information.

What is a good question to ask a psychic

What is a good question to ask a psychic?

Questions come in myriad forms. Although a question is usually simple and straightforward, sometimes, like an onion, there are layers. Top layer questions are generally more superficial, in that any answer received is likely to be fleeting or not at all helpful. But, if you pull away the layers, you get to the root, and root type questions are king. Why?

Like a flowering plant, if the root is healthy, the most beautiful flowers will bloom and you will have continuous growth. If the root is unhealthy, any topical or superficial treatment done to the leaves will do nothing and you will be left with a plant that is withering.

Similarly, if you decide to ask a psychic for direction, rather than ask superficial questions, which will likely leave you still withering, unhappy or confused, ask root questions that will allow you to bloom and flourish.

Ethical and gifted psychics will tell you, not the other way around. Therefore, the type of questions; if asked properly, will allow for your best psychic reading, opportunities to gain clarity and understanding, as well as the ability to see how good your psychic really is at connecting to you during the psychic reading process.

You will know if you’ve found a phony psychic or one unsuited for you, because if you didn’t give them any information, you will have made it harder for them to script a reading. As such, you will also note the “psychic” became flustered or the reading process less smooth.

“Will I” versus “What can I” questions. Which is better to ask a psychic?

“Will I” type questions imply that you are powerless to make things happen in any given situation. You aren’t. Therefore, how would it serve you if a psychic reading concedes you are powerless or you receive a simplistic answer (like yes or no) that doesn’t really address the core/root issue? A “will I” type question also opens the door for a scripted reading.

“What can I” type questions puts the power in your hands where it belongs. You are capable of making things happen; sometimes, you just need a little direction or mentoring. “What can I” type questions also requires the psychic to really read you. Without information, a gifted psychic will be able to give details and pinpoint aspects unique to you and you will know it.

Don’t ask a psychic, will I:

  • Will I find true love?
  • Will I make a lot of money?
  • Will I get that job?


Instead, ask a psychic what can I:

  • What can I do to improve my chances of finding true love?
  • What can I do to become more successful?
  • I want a job that I love. What type of work best suits my talents and abilities?


“Should I” versus “clarity” questions. Which is better to ask a psychic?

“Should I” type questions imply uncertainty and no one should tell you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do. They don’t know you as you know yourself.

What you need is some clarity or fresh perspectives, so you can be empowered to make the best decision for yourself. “Should I” type questions also indicate a sense of powerlessness, additionally, a desire to put the responsibility on someone else to decide your life for you. Your life is your responsibility.

“Should I” questions also open space for a scripted reading. Questions posed for needed clarity makes a real psychic really tune into you and provide detailed guidance based on your unique needs or experience, without information from you.

Don’t ask a psychic, should I:

  • Should I leave my boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Should I move?
  • Should I take that job offer?


Instead, ask a psychic for clarity:

  • I’m having a lot of challenges in my relationship and not sure how I feel. I could use some fresh perspectives so I can make the best decision for myself.
  • I feel stuck and unhappy. What are some things I can do to change it?
  • I’m not sure if I would prefer to stay with the job I have or take the one being offered. Can you shed some light and/or provide pros and cons?

Questions to ask a psychic: What is a good question to ask a psychic? What is a scripted psychic reading, and how do I avoid it?

Asking a psychic: Who, What, Why, or Where questions

Some psychics or psychic sites will tell you not to ask a question that begins with who, what, why, or where. They say this might restrict you from receiving insight into the bigger picture. In part, I disagree.

From my perspective, questions that start with a specific, requires a specific answer. These types of questions require that the psychic really tune into you, uniquely you; therefore, they cannot as easily get away with a generality that could apply to anyone.

A good psychic will be able to provide specific answers. They can say who, what, why, and where. They might not always be exact; green eyes or blue, and providing they receive the psychic information, they should also be able to identify the difference between a car or plane, a gas station or restaurant, etc.

Some of these same sites may ask—what is the point in knowing something that specific? How does it help with the bigger picture? Again, aside from helping to identify a true psychic from a phony one; sometimes, it helps to broaden the scope of information by pinpointing a detail. For instance, rather than just knowing there is a problem with your home, it helps to know if it’s a plumbing problem or a foundational one.

From my perspective, the only issues that could arise from these sorts of questions would hinge upon your level of expectation or ability to keep an open-mind along with patience. It could become a case of not seeing the forest for the trees—paying too much attention to who, what, why, or where and not the message or information received, which is the bigger picture.

Getting a band-aid for a gaping wound will not serve you. Ask a psychic those questions that will promote clarity and understanding, as well as opportunities for personal or spiritual growth.

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