Find a real psychic — avoid being scammed

Finding a real psychic isn’t as hard as you might think. All that is required, really, is a discerning mind. Here are some easy tips on how to find a real psychic and avoid psychics who might be unethical, disreputable, or taking advantage of you.

cheap psychic readings

Cheap psychic readings or free psychic readings — you might get taken.

Here’s why:

While a cheap psychic reading might be offered by a reputable and real psychic so you’ll try their service or they occasionally provide free psychic readings to those who truly cannot afford one, be VERY leery of any psychic website or psychic network that offers:


  • Cheap psychic readings, free trials, free psychic readings, or free Tarot readings


  • Free psychic chats, free psychic phone readings, or free online readings


  • Free love readings, free email readings, the first 3 minutes are free


Or, “free” anything! Didn’t mama tell you that nothing in life is truly free?

psychic phone scams

Free is something that will draw most of us in, because who doesn’t want something for free? However, a free psychic reading invariably has some really BIG hooks attached and you may not be getting a real psychic or a real psychic reading for that matter.

With a lot of psychic network websites; the ones with a hundred or more psychics on staff, you’ll often see the words “free”, “free live psychics” or “free psychic readings” somewhere in a headline. This will be their first hook, because in all likelihood, you’ll click on their site to get that free psychic reading.

In the interest of “truth in advertising”, once there, you’ll discover that you can get a free psychic reading, but it’s not with a real psychic; it’s computer generated!

Since you are already actively within their site, you’ll also notice that instead of a computer generated free psychic reading, they offer “live” psychic readers as well. And that is the next hook. You don’t want an impersonal computerized psychic reading, you want to speak to a real psychic!

Not finished with you yet, next they offer three free minutes with any one of the hundred psychics and someone will be available for you at any time of the day or night! So, you think, why not? I’m already here; I’m really hurting and I’d rather speak to a real psychic. Besides, the first few minutes of my psychic reading will be free…

Yes, the first few minutes are free, but the psychics listed charge anywhere from $4.00 to $13.00 per minute beyond that. That’s right, as much as $13.00 per minute! For a brief 15 minute reading; suddenly that enticing “free” psychic reading done by a “real” live psychic is going to cost you $195.00! Should you lose sight of the time during your psychic reading; after all, the psychic is purposely and actively engaging you, you could end up paying hundreds.

psychic reading package deal

Find a real psychic – don’t be fooled by a pretty package 

Another ploy is the “package deal” of say $30.00 for 30 minutes for your psychic reading and at a fixed price, it sounds fantastic and reasonable. Well, it isn’t fantastic or reasonable, because it isn’t a fixed price. If you also notice, the psychics listed with this same company will advertise at a charge per minute ($3.95 and up) and this is what you could actually end up paying; therefore, the fixed price is misleading.

Often, these “real psychics” are specifically trained to keep you on the phone for as long as possible. For obvious reasons, this makes the company more money and the psychic too. It’s hardly a good sign that you’ve found a real or true psychic who will actually care about you, if making the most money from you is the motivating factor.

And, since you are probably in a vulnerable state of mind, you will not likely notice that a 30 minute psychic reading has turned into 60 minutes or more. The packaged deal of $30.00 for 30 minutes has morphed into 60 minutes and the total cost levied you will be at the additional rate per minute−or another $118 and likely, far more!

How do you like your “free psychic reading” so far? Did you find a real psychic?

Many psychic networks are huge companies. They pay for premium placement on search engines and they buy ad space in magazines and on television. They want your business and they need a lot of your money to pay for all that overhead. They know how to market to you and they do it very well. They hit all of your sweet spots; whether using the word “free” or by engaging your emotions; such as saying, “find out why your boyfriend left you” or “see if she’s seeing someone else.”

Best psychic directory or best psychic medium directory — can you find a real psychic that way?

Thinking you might find a real psychic by going through a psychic directory?

Listed at the top of a Google search, you might also find a handy-dandy list of the top 10 psychic networks, best psychic directory or the best psychic medium directory, all compiled in one place for your ease to choose from.

The thing with these lists is that whoever compiled them, also receives monetary kickbacks from the very companies listed (every time you click through) or the company who compiled the list, also happens to have these “best” psychics. Of course, they will say they are the top! They have a vested interest in your believing as much. You won’t necessarily be viewing it this way; you’ll think how nice of them to make it so easy for you—but that is what makes this more like a bait and switch.

While some of these lists may truly be helpful or legitimate; personally, I question any person or company who utilizes these sorts of marketing tactics, especially where human vulnerabilities are concerned. I would not feel as though I had found a real psychic or one who had my best interests in mind and heart. At the very least, I would approach with more skepticism or awareness.

Whatever you decide is best for you; a private psychic, psychic network or going through a psychic directory, to find a real and true psychic, do your homework. Investigate company/personal policies, read about the psychic so you can get a feel for him or her and ascertain what you will actually be charged. If you go with a per minute based system, be sure that YOU end the call after you have reached your time and dollar limit.

Don’t give the psychic any information. Find a real psychic who will be able to connect to you and give you information that is accurate and true and you will know it, without your providing them information.

fly by night psychics

Watch for fly-by-night websites — you might not have found a real psychic

If you find a real psychic or one that you feel is, be sure to check them out first. Be very careful of websites that were free to create or appear as though they were put up in a day, because they can disappear just as easily.

Check Icann Whois for information on who owns the domain url; when it was created and when it is due to expire. Although the registrant’s personal information may be private (understandably), you can still ascertain the creation date and the date the domain is due to expire (although it might be renewed). This will give you an idea of whether the person and/or website are well established. A real psychic has likely been around for a while and intends to stay.

It goes without saying to be very careful with your credit card information at all times no matter who you choose. Make sure the website is secure and uses https and/or double check the url to make sure you are at a legitimate payment processor, such as PayPal.

 psychics ask questions

Find a real psychic — real psychics don’t ask a lot of questions, if any

Find a real psychic by noting that they don’t ask questions at all or very few: watch out for any psychic who asks too many questions up front or asks leading questions that require you to expand upon the information you provide them. Keep your answers as simple and vague as possible, respond with a yes or no and preferably, say nothing at all.

A real psychic reading is energy based. In my opinion, either a psychic or Tarot reader can read one’s energy in that moment or they can’t. Why would they need direction from you? Find a real psychic − one who doesn’t ask a lot of questions or leads you for more information.

Many Tarot card readers or psychics can’t read for someone unless they have your question(s) in mind first or know the purpose of your visit. Again, this can be another form of direction. If not a real psychic, possessing even this much information could enable them to tailor your psychic reading based upon what you hoped to hear. They could literally provide a scripted psychic reading.

Although it may be a genuine need for very few psychics to know your questions upfront or the purpose of your visit, to me, it raises a BIG red flag.

Over the years, I have seen many psychics and Tarot card readers. At first sitting, most would ask what questions I had in mind and I would say, “I am completely open, tell me what you see or feel.” This would completely fluster them and what would generally follow was an inability to read me at all. In other words, the so-called psychic reading was way too general or completely off. If a psychic becomes flustered by not having a basis point to work from, I highly doubt you have found a real psychic.

There are times when a real psychic is connecting, but the information presented isn’t in your consciousness as yet. However, in an instance such as this, it should still be a smaller piece of the whole psychic reading pie. Most of the psychic reading should resonate with you and you should not need to give overt pointers in the process.

At the onset of a psychic reading, the most information I get from my clients is their first name and astrological sign or month/day of birth. This allows me to focus in on them (their energy) and the energies around them and then off I go. I do most of the talking and prefer that they not give me any information before or during their psychic reading. If they do, I ask that they only confirm or deny what I have already told them first; however, doing so will still not change what I see or what I feel. My philosophy is such that I prefer the purity of information that I will receive, uncolored by personal perceptions or perspectives. This allows me to provide the most accurate psychic reading possible and for me to be the most objective and helpful.

There are times when a psychic reading can be all over the place. This is due to many factors, such as a lot going on in one’s life or complicated issues. In this case, I will do my best to piece together what I am seeing or feeling, but in order to make even more sense of it, it may require some input from my client’s too.

Finding a real psychic is not equal to the most expensive or famous psychic

Finding a real psychic is not equal to the most expensive or famous psychic

I have a good friend who went to see a very high-profile and famous psychic. This woman had written several books and was seen regularly on television shows. She also charged $750.00 dollars for a 30-minute reading!

My friend’s experience was horrible and she suspected that this woman was not only far from being a legitimate or real psychic, but a complete fraud. I have since heard and read about several other people having similar experiences with this same psychic. An expensive lesson to learn for all of them!

The best, most accurate psychic reading is not necessarily received via the most expensive, famous or top-rated psychic. Sometimes the truly great and real psychics in this world are almost complete unknowns and you can find these real psychics, you just may need to search a bit more beyond the third or fourth page of search engines or get referrals from friends or family.

While this adage usually holds true—you get what you pay for—there is no substantive difference between a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that cost $3,000.00 and a well-made pair of Italian shoes that cost $300.00. In this case, there is no difference in quality; rather, what someone is willing to pay and what motivates them to pay it. The key point here is quality.

One can also purchase something inexpensive and at lesser quality and find that they need to replace this item repeatedly; at a far greater cost than it might have been to buy quality in the first place. Psychic readings are no different. Getting a cheap psychic reading one after the other that is neither helpful nor accurate can add up—a lot.

Finding quality is king and balance is the answer: going to one extreme (expensive psychic readings) will not garner any better than going to the other extreme (cheap or free psychic readings). Find a real psychic who has your best interests at heart and who has a track record of being a legitimate psychic and provides accurate psychic readings.

Finding a real psychic is well-worth any time and effort you put into it. A real psychic will likely leave you feeling empowered, more knowledgeable about your life direction or clearer about your feelings—those things that are far more important and life-changing than hearing something truly unhelpful, insignificant or fleeting.

Remember, real psychic ability emanates from a higher place and has spiritual goals for personal growth and a life well and happily lived.

Find a real psychic

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