Find the best psychic: psychic advice with valuable tips on how to find the best psychic − and what to watch out for with psychic scams

How to find the best psychic for you? Referrals, referrals, referrals!

A lot of my clients are the result of word of mouth referrals, so don’t be afraid to ask family or friends, which is a great way to find the best psychic for you. Be sure to ask those who are similar to you in likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc., otherwise, you’ll end up with an opinion based on their interpretation of what constitutes the best psychic. Who is the best psychic to them, may not be the best psychic for you. Additionally, personal referrals are one of the best defenses against falling prey to fake psychics or psychics who are far from being the best psychic−for you or anyone else.

Find the best psychic testimonials

Psychic testimonials are a good source in finding the best psychic for you. Reading through them will give you a good idea about not only the psychic and their ability to be accurate, but will also give you clues about their integrity and why they do what they do and how they do it. Psychic accuracy is great, but if they can also help bring clarity and understanding or point you toward better avenues, in my opinion, that type of psychic would be the better choice.

Watch for psychic sites that have no negative testimonials. This is the case with most large psychic networks staffed with innumerable psychics and several individual psychic sites too. How is that even possible?

Of course, no one wants you to read something negative about them! This is the case with any company or service provider and of course, they want to appear in the best light possible so you will buy from them or utilize their service. However, in my opinion, this is really no different to false advertising. People have various experiences; good and bad and they should have the right to express their opinions and we should be able to read them. To find the best psychic for you, my guess is that you would appreciate honesty and integrity, so you can decide for yourself.

In fairness, an ethical and genuine psychic might remove a really nasty, troll-like testimonial from their site and for good reason. The testimonial left is purposefully geared toward personal attack of the psychic and/or their integrity or using vile language and not to describe the experience they had or a description of the psychic reading received.

In the end though, opinions are just opinions. An experience is just an experience. The only way to get a full picture of your psychic is to see the full picture; the good and the not so good. I tend to be more trusting of people and situations where everything is in the open. That is authenticity and being real.

New Age Shops

Another great way to find the best psychic for you is to visit a local New Age shop. They have psychics or intuitive readers who rent space and depending on the size of the shop, often have several psychics available for readings throughout the day.

Quite some years ago, I worked as a psychic reader at two different New Age shops in Los Angeles, CA, one of which had several locations. These shops are great for testing out psychic readers or Tarot readers and most have Tarot cards, candles, incense, sage and other items for sale too.

Many of these New Age shops; like online psychic networks, claim to test their psychic readers; however, I know from personal experience that this is not always the case. At the shop which had multiple locations, I wasn’t tested; rather, with my long dark hair and dark brown eyes I must have “looked” the part and that was good enough for them.

Psychic networks primarily look for people who have the gift of gab. The more one of their psychic readers can keep talking, at $3.95 and up per minute, the more money they all make.

Regardless of my experience, most New Age shops are truly vested in their customers having a good experience and they want you to find the best psychic their area has to offer. Still, a good rule of thumb is to test out the psychic by taking advantage of the shortest amount of time or the least expensive psychic reading. This way, your monetary outlay is reduced until you can ascertain your compatibility with the psychic, as well as get a feel for their psychic ability or psychic accuracy.

Another way to find a good psychic at a New Age shop is to see if they offer classes. Generally speaking, spiritual teachers have a great deal of experience in their specialized area and as a result, have garnered respect and a reputation for being ethical. If they provide psychic readings, they might prove to be a great find and the best psychic for you or they can provide a referral.

Find the best psychic phone readings

In order to find the best psychic for you, psychic phone readings are often a good choice to start, especially if you don’t know the psychic. This may sound counter-intuitive, but a phone psychic can’t “assess” you, such as determine things about you based on your style of dress, facial expressions, body language or whether you are married or not (wedding ring), etc. This “cold-reading” tactic is often used by psychic frauds, whereby a lot of information can be obtained without their having or utilizing psychic abilities at all.

In the event that you do not feel comfortable or feel a connection with your phone psychic, look for one who will refund your payment within 3-5 minutes after the reading has started. An ethical and reputable psychic is more than happy to do this and would completely understand.

However, with this same ethical and reputable psychic, expecting a refund after the reading has been completed is unfair. Anyone who would do this is taking advantage of the psychic and likely their demand is not based on the psychic’s ability or accuracy; rather, they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear or were attempting to get the psychic reading for free.

Find the best psychic for your needs and based on their best psychic ability

All psychics are not created equally. Aside from the vast difference between being a good and accurate psychic and one who is not so great, there are vast differences between how each psychic expresses their ability, what their motivation is and whether or not they are spiritual, among others.

Each psychic also has their own area of expertise, such as being a psychic medium (one who can communicate with those who have passed over) and some use tools, such as Tarot cards, I Ching, astrology or lithomancy, among many others in their psychic reading process. If you are uncomfortable with psychics who use tools or uncomfortable with the particular tool they use, choose someone else.

The psychic and how their particular psychic ability or abilities manifest needs to be respected as such. That means don’t fault the psychic if you wanted to talk to your dear Aunt who passed, if their particular psychic ability is geared more toward helping you understand your own life process. They may be the best psychic for that purpose and not the best psychic medium. Also, don’t fault them for using tools. Tools often allow the psychic to focus in and as the case with Tarot cards, provide a large and varied amount of information and details.

Psychics like me may have abilities that cross over into several other areas; however, are still stronger in particular areas. My expertise is with Tarot cards and astrology as it connects and relates to the Tarot; however, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities often come into play as well.

During some readings, I was able to connect to a loved one who passed over, but this is rare for me. Additionally, I have had cases where I received a lot of information and other times where it was very little. As such, I let my clients know that I am not the best choice as a psychic medium, because that psychic ability just doesn’t manifest consistently enough.

Find the best psychic: experience counts

Psychic ability is ageless; however, finding a psychic who has been doing their work for a long time is telling. The best psychic is often someone who has been around for a bit, and if still around, it is likely for good reason. This is most definitely not definitive, but a good indicator. If you are like me, I tend to choose most services by looking at how established they are. If they have been around for a while, generally speaking, they are doing something right or they are good at what they do.

What kind of psychic reading do you want or need?

How do you find the best psychic for you? First, determine what your needs are or what type of psychic reading you wish to receive. If you want to connect with your aunt who passed over, specifically look for a psychic medium who has expertise in that area.

Astrology or birth chart readings are great to ascertain trends or abilities you came into this life to uncover or likely areas of challenge, whereas a Tarot card reading can give you more specific details about your life currently and those around you, as well as indicate trends (or what people refer to as psychic predictions).

Don’t shoot the psychic messenger

Once you have whittled down the type of psychic reading you are looking for, do your best to clear away any expectations. A good and reputable psychic will read your energy as well as those around you, which may include information you hoped to hear, information you didn’t expect to hear, as well as what you didn’t want to hear.

In case of the latter, please curb your potential desire to shoot the messenger. An ethical and honest psychic will tell you the truth of what they see, feel or hear and be as diplomatic as possible if it is less than desirable news. Remember, they are not the cause of what is happening in your life, just the messenger.

If you have had many psychic readings in the past that were less than accurate psychic readings, aside from the psychic’s ability or lack thereof, they might simply have avoided telling you what they really felt or saw. In my opinion, this is a complete disservice. Sure, the psychic could always be wrong, but a psychic who acts with integrity will not attempt to edit psychic information, rather, they will share it as received. Being an editor doesn’t serve the client and only serves the psychic. In that sense, perhaps the psychic is hoping for repeat business and not to help the client empower themselves or find a path toward healing.

Psychics are not omnipotent, but when they are on point, they are on point−equally; they might be off and be way off. This is the case even if you find the best psychic. Psychic information is not the gospel, it is simply information. If something you hear doesn’t feel right, let it go. If some part of you knows it could be right, give it some thought and perhaps make some needed changes.

In my opinion, a really great psychic will share all information received, as no one knows how this could contribute to impacting your life in wondrous ways down the road, regardless if it appears or feels very challenging at first. Most of us know there are no accidents and everything has purpose, a time and a place.

No psychic is 100% accurate and as hard as it might be, do your best to be objective and keep an open mind.

Lastly, find the best psychic for you by trusting your intuition

Always, always, always trust your intuition!

Of course, you might feel a little nervous at first with any new person, but if you feel at all uncomfortable, maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something, so choose someone else or go somewhere else.

Psychics read energy; yours and those around you. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are also reading energy. A good and accurate psychic reading can only occur if you are open. If you are feeling afraid or uncertain, it’s possible that psychic is not the best psychic for you. Trust yourself above all else, for you hold all the power over yourself and the choices you make. Consciously pay attention and choose wisely.

In my opinion, finding the best psychic for you would include a psychic reading which is accurate, uplifting to self-esteem, emphasizes talents and abilities, encourages self-examination, provides clarity and spiritual understanding, presents alternate forms of thought, pinpoints problem areas, issues, or patterns and assists in finding concrete solutions.

Find the best psychic

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