Free will versus fate: do we have free will or don’t we?

Aside from some philosophical debates, we have pretty much universally accepted the concept that we have free will. For the most part, that is still the accepted norm. However, recent scientific studies are indicating that this might not be the case. Free will versus fate: which is it?

In April 2008, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, in collaboration with the Charité University Hospital and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin, concluded that “…several seconds before we consciously make a decision, its outcome can be predicted from unconscious activity in the brain” and further, “…when it comes to decisions, we tend to assume they are made by our conscious mind. This is questioned by our current findings.”

This raises some significant questions regarding free will versus fate:


  • Exactly, who or what mind is minding our minds and making decisions before our conscious mind does and if our conscious mind is not making our decisions, it begs the next question of whether or not we have free will.


  • If not our will, whose will is it?


  • If we aren’t in control individually; does everything in fact, happen for a reason or have a purpose?


  • Since psychic abilities are unconscious emanations; as is the meaning and symbolism reflected by Tarot cards, are these expressions of God’s Mind or a Universal Intelligence with regard to each of us and us collectively?


  • Might this begin to unravel the mystery of where psychic abilities emanate or how Tarot cards work?


  • If we do have free will, is it only some of the time?


Human beings treasure their sense of freedom and the thought that something unconscious or “unknown” is directing us, well; it can be a bit overwhelming, if not downright scary−not to mention the legal implications. Our justice system exists on being able to assign guilt for illegal acts based on free will.

We all want to control our own lives, but even without this scientific study; if you think about it, how much control have we ever really had?

From my point of view, perhaps our control lies only in our conscious minds−in that we can control how we think or where we allow our thoughts to go. We also control our ability to accept or not−to change or not−to judge or not.

For further reflection and if interested, read this article on determinism.

Psychic predictions: free will versus fate

Many psychics will tell you that nothing is written in stone and that you have free will to change any “psychic prediction”, if true to begin with. I’m not sure if this is to cover them; in the event that they are way off or if they believe it’s true. I suspect a bit of both.

In my opinion, much depends on the path the soul is on at any given moment in time. If the soul has lessons to learn or growing to do, my feeling is that the path will not likely alter and would therefore be considered fate or fated.

In order to be considered an accurate psychic reading, one must also consider what part is accurate. Does it include psychic predictions of the future? If so, it would seem that any future part of the reading was somewhat written in stone (fate), especially if it happens exactly as predicted or should we assume the psychic prediction was based on the energies being expressed at that moment in time, that were subject to change? And if the latter, it could hardly be called an accurate psychic prediction, if what was predicted changed.

No one really knows how much of our lives are directed by free will; if at all, and how much is by this overseer, “the unconscious” or what some call fate.

I bring up this point, not so much with regard to psychic predictions; rather, psychic energy is, in my opinion, emanations from the unconscious or collective unconscious. Therefore, a “psychic prediction”; made by a genuine psychic, is simply a connection to the unconscious or collective unconscious, as is the psychic reading as a whole (past, present, possible future) and not part of a circus sideshow, to prove anything or with a specific goal to predict the future.

Free will versus fate: psychic ability and the unconscious mind

Most of us can identify having had psychic impressions; those involuntary moments where we unexpectedly know things and we know them exactly. We just don’t know exactly how it happened, why we know such an obscure thing or where these impressions came from. Sometimes, we experience these things within lapses of time (our understanding of time); between the knowing of the event and the event itself, which just adds to the surrealism.

Scientific studies are in their infancy regarding the unconscious mind and the varying (and numerous) levels of consciousness: sleep is an unconscious state, but it isn’t the unconscious mind, it is a symptom of the unconscious mind. Anesthesia induces unconsciousness, but to an entirely different level than sleep. A comatose state is also unconsciousness, but to an entirely different level than an anesthetized one.

Is it such a stretch to believe that psychic abilities or Tarot cards are a vehicle or tool for transmission of this same unconscious activity? Quite obviously, the unconscious mind is capable of many wondrous acts, not to mention possessing more levels than we are currently aware or able to prove.

The mystery continues. Free will versus fate, which one wins, if either?