Who is the highest rated psychic?

Who is the highest rated psychic? There are numerous websites touting they have the highest rated psychics or Tarot card readers, and surprise, surprise, of course, they can be found at that advertised website! There is no guarantee that the advertised site has your best interests in mind or that any psychic on that site is truly a highly rated psychic or a gifted psychic.

In truth, what is considered a highly rated psychic is a personal choice and/or ascertained through personal experience with any given psychic.

As we have seen attested on “ratings” type sites, such as Yelp, experiences often vary from the lowest stars to the highest; given to the same psychic, restaurant, or shoe repair shop. Why the vast difference?

Each person doing the review has a set of standards or expectation for the experience going in and their resultant review will, in part, be based on this. Bear in mind that this expectation is in place before they have even talked to the psychic, eaten at the restaurant, or had their shoes repaired. Because we all have our individual opinions or expectations about how things “should be,” our end experience, rightly or wrongly, will be greatly influenced.

What we tend to forget is that there is another person or persons involved in this equation who also has opinions about their resultant experience with you. Also, what constitutes a good psychic to you may be the complete opposite of someone else. Such is the nature of having opinions. Who is right and who is wrong?

Aside from our individual opinions, perceptions, or expectations; as human beings, we are also subject to having bad days or moods, which may include your psychic. This may adversely affect your experience with a chosen psychic or obtaining any type of services.

We can also be unaware of extenuating circumstances, which can contribute to variables, such as a particular chef working on the day we visit a restaurant. Does his/her ability affect the quality of food served at the restaurant as a whole or if the preparation of this food was made by a different chef? Not necessarily; however, our opinion and overall review will be based on that particular experience on that particular day in that restaurant and with that chef. Our opinion will not only affect that chef, but the restaurant as a whole and (indirectly) the other chef who wasn’t even working that day. The review affects the whole, not just the experience. This analogy similarly applies and contributes to our opinions of what is considered a highly rated psychic.

How to find the highest rated psychic

If finding the highest rated psychic is important to you, typing that query into a search engine is the first place to start. There, you are likely to find the highest rated psychic reviews or other psychic testimonials. Reading these will help narrow down your search.

Start by looking at the obvious or what would be considered a “universal” opinion or statement such as, have many complained about something in particular or conversely, praised it? If so, this type of consistency can be very telling about the type of experience you might have as well.

Personally, I tend to approach most things with an open-mind and see situations from all sides. This keeps me objective and not easily swayed by opinions. As such, when reading reviews or testimonials, I don’t give much credence to what appears to be an overt attack or is overly sugary, as they tend to be too extreme in either direction. Similarly, I pay little attention to opinions which lack specificity.

These days, most people want immediate gratification, but it takes some time and effort to find the best psychic for you. Trust your intuition, but also take some time to read through the psychic’s website and various reviews, as this will enable you to make a more informed decision.

Can the source of highly rated psychics be trusted?

Yes and no. Again, all reviews and opinions are left by human beings who have varied tastes, needs, expectations, or experiences, regardless if the source providing the rating service is generally trusted. Reading individual psychic testimonials could be harder to ascertain validity, but if read carefully, you should see personalities emerge through their varied opinions, which is a good sign that it is likely genuine. If they all sound strangely similar (you can almost read the same “voice” leaving each testimonial) or you don’t see any negative comments, chances are they are not genuine.

Generally speaking, unless it’s an impartial site like Yelp, some sites might have a vested interest in convincing you that “they” have the highest rated psychics or the best psychics. After all, they are a business and they know how to advertise to you, the consumer. In fact, they spend quite a bit of money advertising to you in print ads, television, and buying premium ad space on search engines. Clearly, they want and need your business.

I don’t blame any business for trying to succeed, but as a consumer, I do believe in being aware of what I am buying, literally and figuratively.

Finding a truly highly rated psychic is not impossible; it simply requires diligent research and patience.

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