Accurate Psychic Reading – how accurate or reliable?

Accurate psychic readings: how do I find an accurate psychic?
Are there any psychics who are accurate?
How can I tell if my psychic reading is accurate?

Many of these questions become questions born of frustration−the frustration of having numerous psychic readings that never seem to be, well, accurate.

Whether you’ve never had a psychic reading, or several, with as many different psychics; finding an accurate psychic is probably the most sought out quality, and yet, the most elusive to determine. Why?

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Are Psychic Abilities Real? Fact or belief?

A lot of people ask, are psychic abilities real? So, I decided to write something about it. I didn’t want to approach the subject strictly from my own experiences or even my perceptions, rather, a more balanced approach. I am also assuming that we are talking about legitimate, real psychics and psychic abilities and not charlatans or phony psychics.

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Ask a Psychic – questions to ask a psychic

You haven’t found that one true love and wonder if you ever will. You applied for that much needed job, will you get it? You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck; will you ever make a lot of money? At times, we all need a little direction or mentoring in life and you have questions, so you decide to ask a psychic…

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Highest Rated Psychic – how do I find one?

There are numerous websites touting that they have the highest rated psychics or Tarot card readers, and surprise, surprise, of course, they can be found at that advertised website! There is no guarantee that the advertised site has your best interests in mind or that any psychic on that site is truly a highly rated psychic or a gifted psychic. So, how do you find the real deal?

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Find the Best Psychic for you – valuable tips

How to find the best psychic for you? Referrals, referrals, referrals!

A lot of my clients are the result of word of mouth referrals, so don’t be afraid to ask family or friends, which is a great way to find the best psychic for you. Be sure to ask those who are similar to you in likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc., otherwise, you’ll end up with an opinion based on their interpretation of what constitutes the best psychic.

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Free Will Versus Fate – do we have free will or don’t we?

Aside from some philosophical debates, we have pretty much universally accepted the concept that we have free will. For the most part, that is still the accepted norm. However, recent scientific studies are indicating that this might not be the case. Free will versus fate: which is it?

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Dreams and dreaming

What is the message of dreams? What is the meaning behind dreams? How do I interpret my dream? Why do we dream and why are our dreams so often bizarre?

One moment, a person or an animal chases us and the next; we are standing in a kitchen. Some dreams take on a surreal quality; with people, creatures or the environment shown in such vivid colors, as we have never witnessed in daily life.

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The Observer Effect − A Conscious Universe

Quantum theory regarding the Observer Effect indicates that a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed, further causing what is being observed to behave differently. This occurs on a quantum level and applies to human and non-human observers alike (machines).

This would imply that consciousness plays a role in our individual realities, which further suggests our collective consciousness as well. Therefore, perceptions or realities are subject to change based on whoever is doing the observing and the intensity in which they observe.

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Psychic Scams: the worst of the worst

Psychic scams and phony psychics are everywhere. They mutate, replicate and spread poison like a blood-sucking insect. They disappear then reappear and are very difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate or treat. You’ll find them in a little house on the corner, a storefront on a busy metropolitan street or numbering in the hundreds on the internet.

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Numerology and numbers, it all adds up

Pythagoras, a great mathematician and philosopher believed that our reality of the Universe; effectively all matter (energy) was mathematical in nature.

Numerologists believe that certain energies are resonated according to a numerical value. As such, numbers carry a great deal of meaning. Compositions of chemicals, days in the week, month or year and even our names have numerical or mathematical values. Numbers mean a lot and say a lot.

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