The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We have all seen them and they are everywhere. They mutate, replicate, and spread poison like a blood-sucking insect. They disappear then reappear and are very difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate or treat. You’ll find them in a little house on the corner, a storefront on a busy metropolitan street, or numbering in the thousands on the internet.

This easily portrays a malicious virus or an infestation of rats, and either one of these would accurately describe them.

They seem normal, very supportive, empathetic, and often kind. They are young, hip, and full of superlatives or softly aged like a grandma or grandpa; appearing trustworthy, soothing and gentle. They might speak of their deep love for God and country or their families and friends. A religious icon might be prominently hanging from their neck or displayed on the wall.

Who are they?

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We Know Nothing

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all stopped going around believing that we know…anything? Isn’t it our often strong insistence that we are “right” or that “we know” which causes so many problems? Isn’t this the biggest reason for political and religious arguments that create feelings of discontent toward one another or disassociation from each other?

As Alfred Korzybski said, “the map is not the territory.” In other words, our abstract understanding or reaction toward a “thing” is not representative of the thing itself. This is a profound statement, for it describes how we all gather and process information through our emotional and rational minds, which seek to measure and categorize a thing, which is not representative of the thing itself, just our individual perceptions (points of view) and descriptions of it.

Isn’t it best to be open-minded and adopt an attitude of I don’t know, because no matter what we think we know, we in fact, know nothing.

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The Unconscious/Collective Unconscious Mind: is it the Mind and Will of God?

When I first began studying Tarot cards over 23 years ago, aside from wanting to learn the symbolism, meanings, psychology, spirituality, and history, I sought to understand how they worked. The more I studied and practiced, the more I was blown away.

Because of my studies, I became convinced that we had no free will. So convinced in fact; I had many a friendly argument with others, because at the time, there was nary a person who was willing to accept it was possible. They also thought I had lost my mind.

As recent as 2008, a team of scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences discovered that, “several seconds before we consciously make a decision, its outcome can be predicted from unconscious activity in the brain” and further, “when it comes to decisions, we tend to assume they are made by our conscious mind.”

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Out of nowhere, I received the following private message from someone who was a Facebook friend. Mind you, I haven’t had ANY contact with this person since June 2009; not in posts shared or commented, private messages, nothing. In fact, I haven’t seen ANY posts from this person in my timeline; it’s as though he is never on Facebook at all.

It is the full excerpt, but I have blocked his name to protect his privacy:

XXX: Jesus Christ is the truth and the way. Please seek him.

Sophie:  XXX, thank you for your message; however, I don’t need to seek what I have already found. I pray every day, to God and Jesus. If, by your note, you are passing judgment, please don’t, as you have no idea what my relationship to God and Jesus is, but I do. Blessings

XXX: Awesome! I’m overjoyed. I don’t want anyone to lose their salvation. The Bible tells us that many will be fooled by false doctrine.

Shortly after that, he unfriended me.

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In Your Dreams

Why do we dream and why are our dreams so often bizarre?

One moment, a person or an animal chases us, and the next, we are standing in a kitchen.

Some dreams take on a surreal quality; with people or creatures doing things, such as we have never witnessed in daily life. Others seem prophetic in nature, whilst still others are “lucid”, in that although we are dreaming (an unconscious state), we are simultaneously conscious of the fact that we are dreaming.

What is the meaning behind this?

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A Treaty on Aging and Shoes

At any given year, I forget how old I am. I need a calculator to figure it out. I’m also lousy at math, so plugging in the current year, minus the year I was born is a lot easier and less time consuming.

As a child of the hippie-generation, being normal was the aberration. As an adult, little of my view of the world has changed. I am still somewhat eccentric and still believe that peace is possible.

At what point should I consider wearing shoes that are more “normal” or in line with my age−shoes that don’t have 5” heels and are very likely to create my premature death? My calculator says I’m old enough to know better, but I don’t seem to care. I have often bought several pair of the same shoes in different colors, as if one wasn’t enough to prove my determination.

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Quantum Theory: Observation Affects Reality

Quantum theory indicates that a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed, further causing what is being observed to behave differently. This occurs on a quantum level, and applies to human and non-human observers alike (machines).

This would imply that consciousness plays a role in our individual realities, which further suggests our collective consciousness as well. Therefore, perceptions or realities are subject to change based on whoever is doing the observing and the intensity in which they observe.

Essentially, what this means is; if I observe it, it will become my reality, or what I believe to be real. If someone else observes the very same thing and even under the exact same conditions, their individual observation could create something else, in effect, a different reality to mine.

Further, we believe what we perceive, because we created it, even though it isn’t necessarily real! Moreover, whatever is the “ultimate” real or reality cannot or doesn’t exist, because it takes an observer to determine!

So, what are some implications of how this might affect our day-to-day realities in mundane and more profound ways?

What is ultimately right and what is wrong, and who decides this?

Who is ultimately right and who is wrong, and how is this decided?

It presents a strong argument in favor of not making judgments about people or things for any reason, because your observation or perception is not necessarily real, and if it is at all real, it’s directed by you and about you, not them. Essentially, rather than pointing a finger at someone else, it’s holding a mirror up to oneself; because what is being observed is YOU, it’s YOUR reality.

Something else to contemplate: how would this have bearing on people who are diagnosed as so-called clinically insane? Are they, or is it our individual perception of them?

It is reminiscent of one of my favorite books and movie of the same title, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Ken Kesey. In both, we note the interactions between Nurse Ratched, and the so-called “mentally unstable” inmates, headed by Randle McMurphy; proving there is a very fine line between therapy or treatment from domination or control and who is the truly sane or insane. That is, if there were any lines to begin with.


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It All Adds Up

Pythagoras, a great mathematician and philosopher believed that our reality of the Universe; effectively all matter (energy), was mathematical in nature.

Numerologists believe that certain energies are resonated according to a numerical value. As such, numbers carry a great deal of meaning. Compositions of chemicals, days in the week, month, or year, and even our names have numerical or mathematical values. Numbers mean a lot and say a lot.

Paying attention to numbers; especially those of a synchronistic or repetitive nature or numbers that we might see in a dream can provide illumination or clues to understanding aspects of self, situations, our environment, or others.

Listed below are some meanings associated to zero through nine, as single digits. If a number contains two digits, such as eighteen (1+8), add these two digits together to obtain a single digit (1+8=9). However, also bear in mind the energies associated to each of these numbers as a separate unit. As such, look at the meanings associated to the number “1” as well as “8”.

The Universal Law of Duality (or Polarity) applies. Therefore, the listings below include moderate and/or extreme expressions of the same energies, as well as contradictory. For instance, focusing on self-development is a duality of being self-centered and being aggressive is not inherently a “good” or “bad” trait. It can be interpreted as someone who is assertive and takes action or belligerent and acts with hostility.

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