Psychics and Tarot Cards

Find out everything you need to know before getting a psychic reading

Psychics and Tarot cards: find out everything you need to know

Psychics and Tarot cards—both are mysterious. Navigating through the internet, it’s hard to know who is a real psychic and has real psychic abilities versus a phony or fake psychic. Equally challenging is if you can trust a phone psychic reading or the psychic reader, where you can find an accurate psychic or accurate psychic readings, who is the best psychic or highest rated psychic or if psychic “predictions” are real or accurate.

Here, you will find a lot of good and helpful advice and links to useful articles, which cover all of this and more. It is a lot of reading, but I highly recommend that you do your research before getting a psychic reading with anyone.

Psychics and Tarot cards

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What Are Some Psychic Myths?

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Tarot Card Readers and Psychics

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Who is considered a real, accurate & legitimate psychic and what is considered a great psychic reading?

A good, accurate psychic and one that provides the best psychic reading possible, simultaneously provides a sacred portal to self-discovery.  Psychic or Tarot readings may reflect love, soul mate or other relationships, family, career, money, financial issues or health, but all of these experiences are, in fact, an entry point to this self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

A psychic reading should uplift self-esteem, emphasize talents and abilities, encourage self-examination, provide clarity and spiritual understanding, present alternate forms of thought, pinpoint problem areas, issues, or patterns and assist in finding concrete solutions.

Real psychics can’t manipulate psychic information or impose order upon it. All we can do is share the information as we receive it. We are not magicians, so we cannot manipulate or change your life or make those things you wish for to appear or get rid of those things you wish would disappear.

How can I tell the difference between an honest and real psychic and one who is neither?

To become aware and educate yourself, I highly recommend that you read my article post: Psychic scams: the worst of the worst

Can a psychic reunite me with a loved one?

As much as one might want this for his or her self, they must accept that no one can control or alter the path that another may wish, need or feels compelled to take. If anyone claims the ability to do this; RUN, don’t just walk away!


Psychics often indicate that they are 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation psychics. What does this mean?

In my opinion, it means absolutely nothing. It sounds more like a marketing tool or a way in which to imply possession of a greater or stronger lineage of psychic ability. As far as I’m concerned, this is bull. Psychic ability is energy and God/the Universe gave it to all of us in abundant supply. It isn’t the DNA of a particular nose or shape of mouth.

Why is there such a huge disparity between what each psychic or Tarot reader charges for psychic services?

The best, most accurate psychic reading is not necessarily received via the most famous, top or well-known psychic. And, some of these are not necessarily who they claim to be.

Without judgment; we all have our reasons, which motivate our decisions and we all have the right to decide whatever we feel is best for us. My Services and Rates.

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What are some psychic myths?

Myth 1: • Psychics or Tarot card readers will often focus on insignificant events or situations or I often receive psychic/intuitive perceptions regarding obscure or meaningless events.

We can believe that everything has a spiritual essence or significance, or none of it does. Personally, I wholeheartedly believe the former. As such, whatever the Tarot decides to focus upon has significance, as do those psychic perceptions, intuitive nudges or flashes of (gut) insight that each individual receives; no matter how insignificant we choose to believe they are or if we choose to ignore them.

Newton’s third law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is cause and effect. The theories of Six Degrees of Separation or The Butterfly Effect also indicate variances of this, as well as our connectedness to everything in the Universe.

We can never know that what we assumed to be an insignificant event; such as a call received, a new person we just met or an action we took (cause), didn’t sooner or later create a major turning point in our lives (effect). This includes every action taken by another that directly or indirectly affected us or others as well.

Moreover, every experience of our lives is what eventually teaches us about ourselves and these lessons come in myriad forms: via our feelings or experiences in the workplace, our relationships; sexual and otherwise, how we choose to express ourselves creatively, issues with money or materialism, our businesses and so on.

Among other meanings, The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is indicative of cause and effect or Karma (Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions, or Christian-based, as you sow, so shall you reap) and this is whether or not we assign “good” or “bad” to these actions made by us or by others. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck depicts a wheel within another wheel (cause and effect) and with both turning in perpetuity; there is no beginning and no end. As a result, where or when one event appears in the wheel of life, we cannot know for certain, nor if this event was initiated by an action that we took or the result of one taken by another (our interconnectedness). We also cannot know how many other connections this initial entry creates, nor can we know the chain reaction of events that follow or the resultant outcomes.

To dramatize an instance of cause and effect, our connection to all and that no action is insignificant, consider this scenario: you are already in a bad mood and there is a long line at the checkout. As you wait your turn, you become increasingly angry. Finally reaching the clerk, you take your anger out on him or her. Because of your action, in turn, the clerk becomes angered and takes it out on the next person in line. This person, agitated by the clerk, yells at their child on the way out, who had become restless during the wait−and so on down the line.

A single careless action (seemingly insignificant) set in motion a chain reaction, which detrimentally affected many. This same scenario could have had a different outcome as well. You could have been mindful of your bad mood, but desired to change it. Once you approached the clerk, you smiled at him or her and said something kind. This action would also create a chain reaction, but one far more beneficial for the many it would affect.

Myth 2: Psychics, Tarot card readers and astrologers are the same as fortunetellers who do fortunetelling or tell futures.

If this was true, then various studies conducted at esteemed universities such as Cornell, Princeton, and Edinburgh, the Stanford Research Institute, or at the Institute of Noetic Sciences were done to ascertain understanding about “fortunetellers” or “fortunetelling”, rather than psychic phenomena or the vast potential of human consciousness. Additionally, the U.S. Government (CIA) funded research on psychics and psychic phenomena, not fortunetelling or fortunetellers, to the tune of 20 million dollars!

Therefore, one can see how ludicrous it is to make the comparison. Yet, some counties and cities across the US enact ordinances stating exactly that; psychics and astrologers are fortunetellers! Live in the Dark Ages much? Hello?

As such, these counties or cities have, via legal channels, created a clever way to relegate what they surmise are these “undesirable types” by glomming them together as so-called “fortunetellers” and forcing them to operate in “red-light” or more dangerous areas of town only and not in mainstream business areas where others who provide similar counseling or other services are welcomed and allowed.

This is despite whether the so-labeled fortuneteller is, in fact, a spiritual counselor and psychic. So, whereas any other spiritual counselor can be located and is welcomed nearly everywhere in town, a “psychic” one is automatically and forcefully labeled a fortuneteller by these counties and treated entirely different. Psychic means “of the soul, spirit, or mind” which is not the same as “fortunetelling” in the least.

Additionally, Arthur Edward Waite, the creator of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, which is the most widely recognized and used deck, had this to say about the Tarot: “The allocation of a fortune-telling aspect to these cards is the story of a prolonged impertinence.”

We can do little about those who are uneducated or choose to serve other masters over truth. Studies of psychic phenomena are still in infancy and further study is often avoided due to the very ignorance and stigmatism still perpetuated.

I did what I could to fight a county in Virginia regarding this very issue. Although my attorneys made some in-roads; this county in particular, as well as others, remain woefully ignorant.

Myth 3: If it’s true that Tarot cards or psychics don’t predict my future / tell my future and Tarot card readers/psychics aren’t fortune tellers, then why does it seem as though Tarot cards or real psychics reveal the past, present, or future during a reading?

Firstly, Albert Einstein said, “…the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Therefore, our concept of “time” is a construct and doesn’t exist.

Secondly, information in and of itself is essentially inert or displays “potential.” It has no concept of time or space and it has no power until acted upon in some way (cause), to which an effect is created.

Thirdly, psychic abilities emanate from the unconscious and/or Collective Unconscious (God Mind), which is our very connection to God/the Universe and All.

Neither psychic abilities nor Tarot cards have a concept of time and both present this Collective Unconscious information or “potential.” Therefore, any divination or revelation made which is then interpreted by a psychic or Tarot card reader is reflective of this Unconscious potential, often expressed or understood within our understanding of time: in past, present or future tense.

It’s not unlike scenes from the movie; “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where guardian Angel and messenger of God, Clarence Odbody, allows George Bailey to “see into his future.” In so doing, there was no actual passage of time between that moment and the future and Clarence’s intent was never to reveal George’s future, rather, to enlighten George of his actions NOW (cause) that was potentially creating that future (effect).

This allowed George to understand the value and meaning of his life at present and to make different choices. Similarly, in A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge experienced supernatural visitations by “Past, Present, and Yet to Come” Ghosts for essentially the same understanding and personal transformation.

Clearly, there is very distinct difference between what is construed or labeled “fortune telling” versus the actual intent and purpose of Tarot cards, psychic ability or astrology, which is to illuminate for understanding. I should think that Clarence; a messenger of God, would think it blasphemous being labeled a fortuneteller by anyone’s standards, especially by miscreants who make and enforce laws.

Myth 4: Psychics always know about situations concerning their own lives, so they can avoid personally unpleasant events, see outcomes or choose the winning lottery numbers.

Being psychic or intuitive is not equal to one’s life purpose or those experiences in life that we/our soul consciously or unconsciously chose to have.

All events have a purpose, whether we label them in the moment as good or bad and the objective is geared toward evolution of one’s individual soul as well as our collective souls.

We all learn from experience and especially from those experiences that are difficult, challenging, or often painful and no one is immune, including psychics.

Thinking in terms of “As Above, So Below”, one can begin to understand that the lottery, pursuing money at all costs or focusing on materialism has no true bearing on the human soul whatsoever, other than to deny it in the process. Therefore, it does not serve the soul to allow intuition or psychic abilities to pursue something that will not serve its objective.

Myth 5: Psychics or Tarot card readers can make predictions about my death or the death of someone I love.

In a typical television or movie scene portraying a Tarot card reading, we see a nervous individual sitting in a darkened room before an Eastern European or Caribbean accented “Gypsy fortuneteller”, wearing a sparkly turban and sporting long-pointed fingernails. The music swells, the poor person begins to sweat in dreaded anticipation and with a flourish− the so-called Gypsy throws down, yep, the Death card. It’s always the Death card. Sigh.

This is a perfect example of how a dramatic movie or television show plays upon our basal anxieties, because we all fear this unknown aspect of our lives: our physical death or the death of someone close to us. Never mind the information is delivered by someone made to look equally ominous! Had a far happier looking and sounding card; such as The Star, been slapped down instead and the “fortune-teller” looked even remotely normal, it just wouldn’t have the same theatrical effect.

In the Tarot, the primary meanings of the Death card are change and transformation. One example of this would be the change that occurs when a child transforms into being a young adult−and again, transforms from being a young adult into adulthood. These transitions are an unconscious force of Nature and are indicative of the Death card.

We choose to end (let die) bad habits, such as alcoholism or smoking and we transform our potential for ill health. Or, we learn to love ourselves and let go of toxic relationships that do not support our new sense of self. These conscious life choices are also indicative of the Death card.

These are just a few examples of what the Death card means. It just doesn’t have the same desired dramatic effect, pray sufficiently on one’s fear or serve a particular religion’s need for domination and control (via legal or other channels); so it is far easier to create terror or promulgate the illusion of what the Tarot really is or a “type” who reads Tarot cards.

Myth 6: All psychic abilities are the same.

In my opinion, all psychic abilities emanate from the same God/Universal Source, but do not manifest in the same way for all individuals. Each or several of these also has its strengths and weaknesses within each individual as well: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience, empath or empathic ability, psychometry, psychokinesis or telekinesis, precognition, telepathy, dreams, remote viewing, or other forms of extra sensory perception (ESP).

The Psychic Tarot Reading Process

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What exactly is a psychic or Tarot card reading?

Intuition or psychic ability emanates via the unconscious mind, collective unconscious and/or the Universal / God Mind in the form of energy. Genuine psychics or Tarot card readers connect to this energy in a myriad ways: clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, dreams or Tarot cards are but a few.

Effectively, it’s a way in which our Higher Self communicates to us; offering assistance, solutions, or understanding, which is often communicated via symbolism or synchronicity (meaningful coincidence).

The unconscious symbolism of our dreams metaphorically represents aspects of our lives. A psychic or Tarot card reading can operate similarly. Both transmit this energy in the form of symbolic information, which may require some deciphering to understand.

Since we are not separate from each other and connected to one another, psychic readings or Tarot cards can pick up information about you, those around you and events or situations that may affect you and/or those in your environment.

Achieving the greatest degree of self-awareness and enlightenment of one’s soul is through one’s experiences and choices in day-to-day living and a psychic Tarot reading can help to identify and clarify direction. This includes love, soul mate and other relationships, family, career, money / financial decisions, business or immense life changes, such as a major loss or move. All of these, in small or large part, have bearing on our emotional / mental / spiritual process and ability to choose and live a happy and balanced life.

Can Tarot readers / psychics provide timing or time frames?

One Universal law is cause and effect and as Einstein proved, time is relative. Your choice(s) in the past and present (cause) are what will create your future (effect). The people, events, or situations around you are also creating their own cause and effect. Both combined take the Hands of God to orchestrate and often, the Universe decides to throw in a surprising miracle or two as well.

Therefore, we must be patient and have faith in the process of our lives. Everything has a purpose and a time and place. It will all fall into place when everything is in Universal order and not a moment before.

Divinations with Tarot cards can indicate timing and a psychic may intuit a time frame, at least within our understanding of time, but neither Tarot cards nor the Universe cares about time or even recognizes it―if you must, use whatever timing that might be indicated as a possible guidepost and never a rule.

I have received many Tarot readings or psychic predictions; such as, I would meet someone new, get that job or move. It seems that many of these psychic predictions don’t come true. Why is that?

There are several reasons why a psychic reading may or may not seem to ring true and it may lay with the psychic, the client, or both. The psychic may have had little or no true psychic ability and simply told you what you wanted to hear. Conversely, the psychic may have had true psychic ability and doing their best; provided solid, accurate information and the client not wanting to hear whatever it was, simply dismissed it. There are also instances when legitimate psychics misinterpret information received or clients misinterpret what they hear.

Additionally, there is a huge difference between a “new” relationship, job, etc. and a “good” one. A real, honest psychic wants the latter for you as much as you want this for yourself. As such, they will do their best to pinpoint what or where this might be and provide guidance, which can help you attain it for yourself. They will equally point out those issues or obstacles that may be hindering progress and provide similar helpful guidance.

Your Higher Spiritual Self has a goal and that goal is always to serve you in the highest possible way. It wants you to have exactly what is meant for you and it is always present showing the way. However, you are also a co-creator in the unfolding of your life and life is in constant motion of preparation and process.

A good psychic reads energy, which works in conjunction with your Spiritual Guides, Spirit Guides or Higher Self, not against it/them and the energy expressed is often “potential.” What this means is thinking in terms of what is “hovering” and just waiting to land. When this may or may not land, is essentially up to you.

Metaphorically speaking, if (you) the landing field is clear, ready, balanced and prepared, you will likely experience a solid landing, which arrives on time. If, however, the landing field is littered with pot holes (old scars that need healing), weeds that need removing (false or outworn beliefs negatively affecting self-esteem) or the field is a slippery slope (looking for a quick fix, not long-term gain), the landing is likely delayed until inner work is done and repairs are made. This same principle applies to any other individuals who may be involved in the unfolding, in which case, it may take some time, so be patient.

If there is any inner work required, you are the only one who can do it. No one else has a magic wand, magic pill or any other ability whatsoever to change, alter, hasten up or slow down your process, but you. You have all of the power and no one else, despite any phony psychic claims made to the contrary.

Do I need to be psychic to learn to read Tarot cards?

Everyone is psychic or intuitive and anyone who wants to, can learn to read Tarot cards. In fact, learning and using Tarot cards can awaken or deepen your own psychic abilities.

Can I change psychic predictions concerning my future or destiny?

Any “prediction” is presented by a human being; with human frailties, human opinions and human perceptions, not by an omnipotent being. Personally, I would never give that much power to anyone. Secondly, regardless of so-called psychic predictions about one’s destiny or future, in my opinion and as controversial as this may sound, the answer is maybe yes and maybe no. Yes, it involves your free will choice, and in that sense, the answer is yes. However, this choice may also require a heightened personal awareness or consciousness and be in alignment with God / the Universal Source, otherwise, the answer may be no.

I began deep study of Tarot cards in 1993. Five years into my Tarot studies, I started to believe that we didn’t have free will. As a result, I had many a friendly argument with others, because at the time, nary a person believed this could be possible and thought I was out of my mind.

Fast forward to 2008, when the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, in collaboration with the Charité University Hospital and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin did a study indicating that our unconscious mind makes decisions up to 7 seconds before our conscious mind becomes aware.

What does this mean? We have long believed that we, our conscious mind, is in control and making decisions, which is essentially enacting our “free will”, but as this study indicated, this may not be the case at all.

For those of us who believe in God / a Universal Guiding Force, in part, this may answer those questions as to why we don’t get what we want exactly when we want it or we find ourselves walking a completely different path to the one that we consciously chose. In other words, unless and until we are in alignment with God/the Universal Guiding Force, our so-called free will is limited to only those choices that will eventually bring us there or be in this alignment.

This may also explain why we might make decisions that are of a repetitive nature, in that we repeat those uncomfortable or unpleasant patterns of experience until we do the required inner work, which brings understanding or transcendence and therefore eventually breaks these unhealthy patterns.

How accurate are TV psychic portrayals and why does it seem that information is often out of context? Such as, I see red shoes and the number 26...?

Television and other media (written or otherwise) are always geared toward making the biggest impact or eliciting a desired response from an audience. Therefore, well executed editing can create a wholly different context, dependent upon this desired effect.

Because of editing or purposeful manipulation, we may never know the full context or truth of what we see or read. In the case of psychics; this is unfortunate, as we may not see those moments of inaccuracy, which would go a long way in dispelling the myth that psychics are somehow omnipotent.

The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, or John Edward receives various messages that may seem out of context or in bits and pieces, but this is how Spirit communicates to them. Perhaps departed loved ones share particular idiosyncrasies so they feel heard by those who knew them well.

Psychics or psychic mediums and their particular abilities, find expression in a variety of ways and forms. Like all people, each is uniquely different. Rather than try to explain why it may seem out of context, let me provide an example.

Once, I read for a client, I’ll call her Rose, who asked me about her teen step-daughter, Jenny, who had recently passed. Right away, I received the name of a man who, it turns out, was not Jenny’s father, but the name of her father’s boss and a clairvoyant image of vintage motorcycles in perfect condition – one of which was light green in color.

Obviously, one has seemingly nothing to do with the other, but Jenny’s nurse, who cared for her in the hospital, was married to a man who collected vintage motorcycles and apparently, was also a friend of the boss.

This did not really answer Rose’s initial question in a direct fashion, but it was accurate nonetheless. Who knows the reason for this particular message that Rose received and with additional thought and/or reflection, her answer may become apparent.

On another occasion, I had just finished doing a Tarot reading for a client and she asked me about her sister. Immediately, I had a vision of a woman standing in a fairly large but empty room. I described that she always seemed to be dressed in white clothing, wore her hair in a ponytail and the jewelry she wore on her hands. I said she wasn’t married, but she was engaged. Suddenly, I also blurted out, who is Edward?

After describing this vision, my client said that her sister had been murdered; she was a karate instructor (the large empty room was her karate studio and the white clothing, her judogi) and she was engaged to marry a man named Eddie, as my client called him. My client asked me if Eddie had killed her sister and since I heard his name (as Edward), I wondered about the same possibility, but I could not be certain.

Psychics do not control how information comes in or why. We can only do our best to interpret what we see, feel, hear, etc. and accept information as it comes, trying not to judge it in the process.

When I ask a psychic a question about something, I don’t always get a direct yes or no answer or advice about what I should do. Isn’t that what a psychic is supposed to do?

A good psychic, Tarot reader, intuitive guide, spiritual counselor or coach presents information that comes to them or through them and that’s all it is, information. This is not equal to knowing what is right or wrong for you and it is also not saying what you should or shouldn’t do.

Every soul has a unique path to follow at any given moment in their life. The role of an intuitive guide is to offer new thought, alternatives or show a possible way or path, not to choose or walk it for you. The only way we learn is through personal experience. Eventually, each must look within their heart and decide what feels right to them and what doesn’t.

Additionally, if you receive an answer that seems out of perspective or unrelated to your question, consider this: if you were to say, “Will I meet my true love?”, you would expect your psychic to say who, what, where, etc. in their response, but, what if your psychic’s intuition prompts him or her to ask, “Did you start a new job recently?” On the surface, this response is out of perspective, unrelated and to your frustration, not directly answering your question. However, what if the very relationship you seek is found at your new job?

Legitimate and genuine psychics do their best to guide you, but don’t forget; they too are being spiritually guided in the process. Please have understanding, appreciation and as much as possible, remain open-minded to the information as it is presented. A psychic can’t manipulate psychic information or impose order upon it; all we can do is share the information as we receive it.

How to prepare for a psychic reading:

If you are getting a psychic phone reading, start by being in a quiet place without diversion of ringing phones or a television playing. DO NOT be driving your car or at work where you can be distracted or disturbed. Your ability to focus and be at rest is important, as is the need for quiet, for you and your psychic.

What kind of questions should I ask a psychic?

Read this article for more information.

Advice on how to ask your psychic questions.

About Psychic Abilities

Psychic or healing abilities are God given gifts. Are all psychics spiritual or more spiritually advanced than other people are?

According to what I believe, God (The Creator/Universe) created all of us and we are all loved equally. Everything is a gift from God. One being or gift is no greater or lesser than the next, because all are equal in their greatness.

Additionally, spirituality is as spirituality does. In other words, walk the talk. Not long ago, I wandered into a local mechanics shop. A Bible was on the table and stocked in the bookshelf was a lot of Christian literature; meant to give the impression of a shop operated by people with Christian values and integrity. This couldn’t have been further from the truth!

I am a spiritual counselor and psychic, have an understanding of metaphysical / Universal / spiritual laws, believe in God or a Higher Intelligence and practice with honesty and integrity. However, not all psychics are the same as me−any more than mechanics, doctors, plumbers, lawyers, contractors or CPA’s are all the same. Some may be aloof and cantankerous with mad skills, others friendly and hilarious with marginal skills and all of these may or may not be spiritual or act with honesty and integrity.

Human beings are human beings, complete with a light and a dark side. When seeking anyone’s services (including mine), get referrals and use good sound judgment, which is not based on appearances; such as religious materials or icons, certifications, a nice office or friendliness.

Is everyone psychic or intuitive and/or are all psychics born with this natural gift?

YES. I believe that we are all psychic or intuitive and yes, we are all born with this natural gift. Some of us are far more right-brained and therefore, more open or sensitive to psychic energy. Those who have this acute psychic sensitivity have learned not to second-guess or doubt this energy.

Those who don’t view themselves as psychic are usually far more left-brained and therefore, have a tendency to question, doubt or chalk up a psychic experience as being just a coincidence. Still others prefer to say that they just had a “gut-feeling” (without explaining how their guts were able to think or feel); because it sounds more socially acceptable than saying it was a psychic impression or intuition.

There are loads of psychic phone sites, psychic sites or psychic chats that will claim that only a “chosen few” are psychic and of course, they happen to have these “chosen” individuals on staff. They will also tell you that anyone who says differently is either wrong or not psychic. Think about that for a minute and ask yourself, who does it serve? Them or you?

How can I increase my own psychic abilities or intuition?

If you would like to develop or strengthen your psychic abilities, the very best way is through the practice of meditation. Another great way is learning and using Tarot cards.

Is there a difference between psychic ability and intuition?

In my opinion, it’s semantics, because both are essentially the same. For some, intuition may appear as less focused or clear and expressed as a gut-feeling, vague awareness or instinctual, whereas psychic insight may be more focused, understood or specific. To me, the only real difference is that “psychic” equates to social stigma, whilst “intuition” is a kindler gentler version for social acceptability.

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refer a friend or family member for a psychic reading with Sophie

We all experience times in our lives when our energy is low, we feel confused, lost, uncertain, sad or just curious about how, what if, where or why. Tarot cards are a wonderful tool to discern what is happening, as well as providing clarity of purpose, insight, direction, spiritual guidance, enlightenment, profound understanding, spiritual awakening and discovery of hidden talents, which provides a means in which to make better life choices or decisions.

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